Dog Friendly Hiking Trails

Ohiopyle has so many trails to hike with your furry best friend. We highlight some of our favorites, but there are so many places to explore, you may want to download the full map from the state park so you don’t miss any of the fun.

Great Allegheny Passage: The perfect trail for an easy, leisurely stroll. This trail is available whether you begin your hike in Ohiopyle or Confluence. It is flattened gravel with a very slight grade. Expect decent crowds, other dogs, and beautiful views of the Yough River. Best parking for this as at the Ferncliff/Loop Take-out parking area above the falls.

Ferncliff Peninsula Trail System: This trail system is extremely scenic as it weaves through the forests and along the river. A few off-shoot trails exist to lengthen or shorten your hike. Expect small crowds, a lot of ferns and trees, and other dogs. The river is accessible from this trail on either side, so doggos can stop for a quick drink if they get hot. Parking for this trail is best at the Ferncliff/Loop-Take our parking area above the falls.

Meadow Run Trail: Another popular trail with incredible views. This trail begins just outside of town, off of Dinner Bell Road. If you leave town and pass the ranger station, you’ve gone too far. This trail can either rise into the forest, or follow the bed of Meadow Run Creek. It is great for dogs since it is relatively shaded and does access plenty of water. This trail will also see moderate crowds.

Sugarloaf Trail System: Sugarloaf is the large mountain between Ohiopyle and Confluence. It is less crowded than the trails in the main Ohiopyle Falls area of the park. There is a parking area at the top where there is a warming hut, firepit, pit toilet, and sledding hill (winter). During the summer months you will encounter some mountain bikers, and in the winter you may run into a snowmobile, but there are several trails that can be accessed from this parking area. The Kim Trail is more difficult single track and the Sugarloaf Trail is a much wider, grassy trail. This is a great space for dogs, but bring water, there won’t be much other than muddy puddles and ponds unless you go for a long trek downhill.

Laurel Highlands Trail: Do you like to challenge yourself and your pup? If so, the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail leaving Ohiopyle is for you! Starting at the end of Garrett Street near Falls City Pub, this is the start of 70 mile trail that traverses and meanders through the mountains heading north and ending at Conemaugh Gorge near Johnstown. You can do a day hike out of Ohiopyle where you will be rewarded with a beautiful scenic view of the Yough River Gorge after what starts out as a very difficult uphill hike. If backpacking is your style, you can rent an overnight shelter or tent pad and extend your time in the wilderness. For more information on this trail, click here. This trail will not have much in the way of water sources, so be sure to take enough water for you and your dog.

There are quite a few more trail options available, but the trails listed above are accessible, beautiful, and close to town. For information on all the trail, click the map or link below. If you really want the scoop, ask a local, but they might not give up their secrets.

To see the full map from Ohiopyle State Park DCNR click here.

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